Furnace Installation


Whether you are building a new home and need a furnace installation or want to replace the existing system in your present home, Patriot Air can help.

We offer a full range of heating system brands and models manufactured by industry leading producers to ensure the best in efficiency, price and performance for your home’s heating needs.

All furnace installation projects are completed by our highly trained and certified technicians, experienced at using the latest technology to determine the appropriate system for your home. Not only will our professionals help you find energy efficient models that cut utility costs and the need for expensive repairs, but we will ensure the furnace has been properly installed to avoid operational issues or health and safety concerns from occurring down the line.

Proper installation goes a long way in the performance of your heating system. Here’s what to expect when you hire a Patriot Air professional for your furnace installation needs:

  • Inspection
    A home inspection and examination to determine the best size system for your home’s needs.
  • Scheduling and Appointment
    A scheduled day and time to complete the installation. The process can take up to a full day and may involve 2-5 technicians.
  • Preparation
    Proper preparation of the workspace, including clearing out necessary areas and placing drop cloths in the work path.
  • Post-Installation
    Removal of old systems and equipment following the installation.
  • Cleanup
    Full cleanup of workspace following the project.

By trusting your furnace installation to Patriot Air, you can rest assured that your new investment will operate at optimal performance and heat your home when you need it most during those cold weather months. For more information on our furnace installation services, contact Patriot Air today.