Furnace Maintenance


Regular TLC and maintenance goes a long way in preserving the longevity of the heating system in your home.

Furnace maintenance involves consistent upkeep by homeowners, like changing or cleaning filters on a monthly basis, as well as regularly checking for dust, dirt or rust and cleaning as necessary.


Because there are many home heating systems on the market today, such as natural gas models, oil-fired and propane models, it is important to be familiar with the system operating in your home and its specific needs.

Aside from regular homeowner upkeep, furnace maintenance involves routine checkups by a professional heating and cooling contractor and regular cleanings. All too often customers wait to call in until there is a problem with their system, but by scheduling regular appointments our professionals can help you avoid serious or detrimental problems to your heating system that could impact its long-term performance.

Patriot Air technicians are equipped to handle all furnace maintenance concerns. Patriot Air proudly offers preventative maintenance plans to keep your furnace system strong when you need it most. This is especially important to address before the heating season when the system will be in heavy operation. For more information on furnace maintenance concerns or schedule a check-up for the heating system in your home, contact Patriot Air today.