Heat Pump Services


Heat pumps are another one of the many ways homeowners can control the temperature and comfort level of their homes.

Unlike a traditional air conditioner or furnace, heat pumps serve as a one-stop-shop to heating and cooling because the same system operates in both the summer and winter months.

As a result, this has made heat pumps a popular option for Central Ohio homeowners in recent years.

Patriot Air offers a full range of heat pump services to the Central Ohio area, including heat pump installation, maintenance and repair. If you are interested in purchasing a heat pump for your home’s heating and cooling needs, our certified technicians will guide you in selecting the right size unit for your home to help you maximize efficiency, cut back on energy cost and provide comfort during those warm or cold weather months.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are considering a heat pump installation in your home:

  • Which heat extraction method will be used? (Ground Heating, Geothermal Heating, Rock Heating, Air Heating)
  • What is the appropriate size unit for the space?
  • How does performance stack up between competing models?

Patriot Air’s technicians are trained to help you understand which heat pump will work best in your home. As a NATE-certified team, we are equipped to handle all HVAC needs for your home. We strive to deliver peace of mind for your heating and cooling concerns. If you would like more information on our heat pump services, contact Patriot Air today.